Chinmaya Vijaya / Infrastructure

CHINMAYA VIJAYA” was constructed as already stated in a five acres of land generously donated by Sri Lingamaneni Bhaskara Rao and family quite away from the huzzle-buzzle of the busy Chennai-Kolkata transport corridor on NH-16. The entire area is surrounded by lush green vegetation on one side and long train track with off and on crossing trains, a totally scenic Thai-Chinese base Agri-Gold Haai Land Theme and Entertainment Park overseeing in the background – all culminates into a visual treat for any newcomer to the area.

In this backdrop predominantly seen is CHINMAYA VIJAYA located in 6 buildings spread over a sprawling campus of the 5 acres that deserve a floor-wise description for a clear understanding of the infrastructure brought up to vividly explains the amenities created for a comfortable living of the children housed therein.

Our Buildings



Being the first constructed building in this campus, it was named as such – initially utilized for basic schooling now used for tuition and coaching during evening time after the children come back from Indian Springs School.



Constructed in Ground+2 Floors this building is meant for the “Manager” and other staff that live on the campus to take care of the children.



This hexagonal building has six individual units each consisting of a small sitting room, pantry and bedroom with attached bathroom is known as BRAHMA VRINDA for the happy recline of aged persons gone into recluse for various reasons.



Named after the first Woman Philosopher of the World, this building in Ground+two Floors provides two dormitories in each floor with attached common bathroom facility and a sick room to quarantine a child from the others during sickness. This building houses children from LKG to 6th Class and one female caretaker for dormitories in each floor takes care of the children in the floor.


Annashala And Deva Sabha

In Ground+two floors accommodates “Annashala” (Dining hall for 200 persons) in the Ground floor; “Deva Sabha” (convention hall for meetings; stage for cultural activities; dance classes and functions) in the first floor equipped with screen, projector and sound system and the third floor having “Library” with a wide range of books on all subjects of interest for children.



Named after another great woman Philosopher in Hindu Mythology and also called “Brahmavadini” – this building. In ground+one floor houses in the first floor children from 7th to 9th Standard with identical living amenities and caretaker facility as above while the ground floor is equipped with computer room and games room for children

Amenities And Atmosphere


  • All children’s Dormitories are provided with attached bathroom and lavatory facilities;
  • Children’s dormitories are individual moveable cots basis and not of one-up / two-up level cots;
  • 24-hour water supply connected from the overhead tank with appropriate hygienic arrangements are available;
  • An on-site reverse osmosis plant provides clean drinking water to the entire campus.
  • Prayer hall / convention center (Deva Sabha) is outfitted with necessary audio-visual equipment for education and entertainment; 300-400 people can sit comfortably in the hall;
  • All doors and windows in the rooms and dormitories are fitted with mosquito-preventive nets;
  • In the ‘Annashala’ – Dining Hall 200 persons can sit at a time and it has got sufficient water supply arrangements through taps.
  • All the rooms are quite airy for natural ventilation and also fitted with sufficient number of lights and fans;
  • Children are appropriately instructed to conserve water and electricity;
  • All dormitories and living buildings have solar water heating system for getting hot water during winter season;
  • Prayer hall / convention center (Deva Sabha) is fitted with necessary audio-visual facilities; 300-400 people can sit comfortably in the hall;
  • All the children’s dormitories are provided with ‘Aayah’ (caretaker) one in each floor when children stay on campus.


  • The entire Campus of Chinmaya Vijaya has been made safe and secure
  • Security Guards in sufficient numbers man the campus round the clock
  • The entire 5 acre Campus has brick-mortar compound wall with concrete pillars
  • The entire campus wall is provided with solar fencing to prevent sneaking into during day or night time
  • Visitors are allowed between 8 AM to 8 PM only
  • Pest control is done in the entire campus on periodic basis to keep all type of reptiles, rodents and creatures at bay
  • In order not to have water scarcity even during peak summer days, sufficient number of bore-wells were dug – so the campus is aplenty with water

Playground And Organic Farm


  • Nearly a 50 mtr x 150 mtr open place in the center of the 5 acre land has been developed into playground. It looks like a small park.
  • Playing facilities in the park / ground include small riders, ladders, swings, merry-go-round like things for the children.
  • Children are allowed one hour every evening after return to campus from the school and 2-3 hours on all Sundays and holidays.
  • Facilities for outdoor games like badminton, Kho-Kho, throw-ball, hand-ball etc, indoor games like Chess, Carroms and Chinese-Checker etc. are available.


NRI Agritech is another organization that produces seeds and hybrid plants under the aegis of Dr. Satyanarayana, a renowned Agricultural Scientist retired from the Govt of Andhra Pradesh. He has done everything from leveling the plot of land, soil testing, filling aluvial soil, tilling and planting the seeds till harvesting through drip irrigation system. Only organic farming is done in this patch of land and no pesticides or insecticides are used. Now this patch of 7 acres of once barren land is a delight for the eyes with greenery to nourish the children. Vegetables not produced in the Organic Farm are purchased from the local market.

Brahma Vrinda: Resort For The Elderly

Aesthetically carved out in the North-West corner of CHINMAYA VIJAYA, this hexagonal building has six individual units each consisting of a small sitting room, a pantry and a bedroom with attached bathroom known as BRAHMA VRINDA for the happy recline of aged persons gone into recluse for various reasons.

This is a compensatory self-sustenance measure for CHINMAYA VIJAYA and so it is paid facility available for the elderly operational on the lines of any other Old Age Home.

All the facilities and amenities that are imminently needed for an elderly person at the turn of his / her age are available in a beautifully architechtured Unit for comfortable living for two.

  • Hygienic food is supplied in the Unit for the inmates from CHINMAYA VIJAYA pantry;
  • The units are daily cleaned and maintained by caretakers;
  • The inmates can have their own servant or on request Chinmaya Vijaya will provide a caretaker;
  • In case of any medical needs, likewise the children of Chinmaya Vijaya, they are taken to NRI General Hospital where all superspecialty services are also available for medical advice, treatment and admission if needed;
  • Birthdays and other important personal days are celebrated among the children and staff of Chinmaya Vijaya.
  • Their kith and kin are permitted to visit occasionally to give them the much needed succor;

It is, in fact, a privilege to have children around at this advanced age and Chinmaya Vijaya has 109 such children like blossoming flowers that bring a happy smile on those withdrawn visages by their silly acts, deeds and questioning. The elderly occupants share their joy with them on all occasions.

It is a boon for the children of CHINMAYA VIJAYA to have such elderly persons that have many an achievement and laurels in their bright yester years and prime life which they share with the children and appropriately guide them in everyway on personality development towards a successful Life and Career ahead. Dr Sharad Srikhande a renowned mathematician came back from USA after a long career now occupies one of the units and teaches mathematics to the children.

“Brood less, smile more, and serve all”