Our Care

Chinmaya Vijaya / Our Care

CHINMAYA VIJAYA” was constructed as already stated in a five acres of land generously donated by Sri Lingamaneni Bhaskara Rao and family quite away from the huzzle-buzzle of the busy Chennai-Kolkata transport corridor on NH-16. The entire area is surrounded by lush green vegetation on one side and long train track with off and on crossing trains, a totally scenic Thai-Chinese base Agri-Gold Haai Land Theme and Entertainment Park overseeing in the background – all culminates into a visual treat for any newcomer to the area.

In this backdrop predominantly seen is CHINMAYA VIJAYA located in 6 buildings spread over a sprawling campus of the 5 acres that deserve a floor-wise description for a clear understanding of the infrastructure brought up to vividly explains the amenities created for a comfortable living of the children housed therein.

Day Starts

The day at Chinmaya Vijaya starts at 4:30 AM when the children get up, do their daily wash-up, eat breakfast, engage in studies, and then take a 40-minute bus ride to school. A caretaker and packed lunch go with them. They return at 5 p.m. to play, chant, eat dinner and study with tutors before bed at 9 p.m. The older children help the younger children in their activities. On Sunday they are able to enjoy recreation including reading, playing outdoors, attending Bala Vihar, and learning Indian classical dance. Each day’s activities start with Suryanamaskaram, meditation and yoga at dawn and ends with Sandhyavandanam at dusk.

Food And Hygiene

  • All food is vegetarian and highly nutritious and is prepared under hygienic conditions with steam cooking in the Annashala.
  • The girls are able to eat until they are full, which is a luxury many of them did not know until they came to Chinmaya Vijaya.
  • Two ayahs accompany to take care of smaller kids.
  • The children are appropriately educated not to waste water and food.
  • They are also educated on how to keep the entire premises clean and not to litter the living areas.


At Chinmaya Vijaya we maintain clean, hygienic and well ventilated buildings. The children’s bedrooms are of dormitory style.

Gargi– This building houses children from LKG to 6th Class and one female caretaker for dormitories in each floor takes care of the children in the floor.

Mytrei– This building In ground+one floor houses in the first floor children from 7th to 9th Standard with identical living amenities and caretaker facility as above while the ground floor is equipped with computer room and games room for children


  • Every day the children leave for the school at 8.00 AM in our Chinmaya Vijaya school buses. Two caretakers accompany the children to take care of them when necessary. As the bus leaves the campus with children waving their hands at Sumathi Amma, who then leaves to do volunteer work at NRI Academy of Sciences while the girls are in school. She returns in time to receive them with smiles and hugs when the bus brings them home to Chinmaya Vijaya.
  • The school takes equal care of the children along with others from affluent background and there is no discrimination whatsoever – thus builds up a competitive spirit in them.
  • To keep them continue abuzz with competitive spirit, not to fall behind and to clear their doubts in any subject, tuition teachers have been provided from 6 PM to 8 PM every day at Chinmaya Vijaya – the children pay utmost attention and do rigorous home practice.
  • All the children are doing very well in studies mostly securing ‘A’ Grades and never below ‘C’ Grade in international CGPA system.

Extracurricular Activities

After school, the children are allowed to pursue various extracurricular activities of their own interest. Opportunities include sports, music, dance or reading books in library. The staff at Chinmaya Vijaya constantly works towards identifying the childrens’ areas of interest and provide them with all amenities thus giving them every parental care.

The weekends are for cultural activities, catching up with homework, and field trips. Physical fitness is very important and some girls are very naturally athletic. After only 10 days of practice, Miss Jhansi won a gold medal in the long jump the National Competition of Chinmaya Khel Mela!


  • All the children are screened for communicable diseases before they are taken into Chinmaya Vijaya.
  • Dr Sumathi Mukkamala is a pediatrician by profession who is well aware of children and adolescent diseases. She visits them everyday and inquires about their health first.
  • First-Aid and emergency medications are available on the campus. In case of complaints pertaining to the general health, children are taken to NRI General Hospital (NRIGH) located at a distance reachable within five minutes.
  • Routine general health and dental checks are done sometimes in the campus and sometimes at NRIGH and Sibar Dental College to take preventive and palliative care.
  • Medical treatment at NRIGH and Dental treatments at Sibar are totally free of cost. Children are thankful to the respective college management.

Our Garden

Organic farming is done on 7 acres of land to grow vegetables, fruits, etc. Twenty-five different types of vegetables are grown in this organic farm. Excess vegetables are supplied to local NRI schools. The girls enjoy helping with planting, caring for, and harvesting what we grow.

They are happy and proud to see how their hard work pays off!


Brahmavrinda is the Senior Citizens Center on campus for elders who want to lead a life of vanaprasta, like a hermit. Six cottages have been constructed for them. Each cottage consists of a sitting room, small pantry, and bedroom with attached bath. The elders teach and guide the children regarding ethics, character, culture, and education, and the girls help them with small tasks and frequent visits. This is a kind of symbiosis, where the senior citizens and children support each other. Medical care for the resident seniors is also be provided by NRI Medical College and Hospital.

“Brood less, smile more, and serve all”